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Advancing the field of sleep medicine

Advancing the Field of Sleep Medicine

through education, technology and collaborative learning


About Us

Florida Association of Sleep Technologists (FAST) is a non-profit organization that promotes education and professional development among polysomnographic technologists in Florida.

Since 2010, FAST has been providing resources, tools and learning opportunities for professionals in the field of sleep medicine, to enhance professional development and share best practices. 


Our Vision

  • Provide affordable educational opportunities for professionals in the field of sleep medicine

  • Provide useful and accessible tools and resources for professional and personal development

  • Organize conferences and events for the field of sleep medicine

  • Build a strong network of technologists and effectively communicate shared goals through cooperation

  • Encourage active participation in scientific research and discovery

  • Promote technological advancements in the field of sleep medicine


Our Mission


To advance the field of polysomnographic technology by: 

  • Providing and promoting education in polysomnographic technology 
  • Encouraging and assisting in the advancement of science and technical standards of polysomnography
  • Promoting increased awareness of polysomnography
  • Providing member services that offer professional and personal development opportunities
  • Maintaining essential functions to perpetuate the association and its objectives

“You're not healthy, unless your sleep is healthy.”

— Dr. William Dement